Religiously active live longer?

Most active people live longer than inactive people.

Heck, Mark Twain lived a long life as a smoker and Voltaire lived a long life to. Both religious skeptics.

Vonnegut's living to be quite old too, just entering his 80ʼs I believe.

Of course, studies of religion and health canʼt possibly correlate all the variables of religions and regional diets and lifestyles (sedentary or active) round the U.S. Like for instance the typical Southern Baptist church picnic or Sunday brunch diet, with all it's fried chicken, which gave William Jennings Bryan a heart attack soon after the Scopes Trial.

If you want “correlation studies,” thereʼs one about Parkinsonʼs and coffee that suggests folks who drink five to six cups of coffee a day are at far lesser risk of developing Parkinsonʼs than those who donʼt drink coffee. Though itʼs not exactly healthy to drink that MUCH DAMN coffee, and itʼs not likely that ingesting religion on a regular weekly basis really adds to a personʼs depth of intellect, regardless of the longevity of their lives. And neither has it been proven that religion is GOOD FOR THE HEALTH AND LONG LIFE of any society. It didnʼt do much for the Roman Empire but increase the level of superstitiousness and seeing the devil everywhere, and persecuting heretics.

Nuff said,
Edward T. Babinski

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